The Mobile Gadgeteer is umasked at ZDNet


Mattmiller_1 PalmSolo: lost distant cousin to Han Solo? No, not quite. I’m sure you all recognize Han Solo, but I’ll bet some of you know the name PalmSolo; that is if you’ve been reading at any point in the past five years. Today, PalmSolo is unmasked. Today PalmSolo sheds his alter-ego and comes out of the gadget closet at The Mobile Gadgeteer; a ZDNet blog written by real life Matthew Miller!

I just got wind of his new gig and I couldn’t be happier. If you have any interest in gadgets, surely you must have read some of his informative posts at Matthew is a self-proclaimed "serious gadget geek" and has owned over 50 mobile devices. I’m sincerely looking forward to his work over at The Mobile Gadgeteer and I hope you wish him well and give him a read. Hey, start with the first post that gives you some of his background, why don’t you? Best of luck Matt!


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