Primetime for Mobile TV: The Landscape

IBM’s division Institute for Business Value has come out with a white paper on mobile TV, the current landscape and future scenarios. It looks at U.S., European and Asian markets, as well as the competing mobile TV formats like DVB-H, MediaFlo and others…not much new, but good overview at least.
“Mobile TV must have a new programming paradigm, different from normal television, in particular based on personalization and interactive experiences. The programming must have its own Must See element. And it must be delivered without comprising the TV experience. Channel changes must not be slower than on standard TV, they must include understandable electronic program guides and picture quality that does not deteriorate in bright sunlight. The service must be priced at a modest premium. After all, most of the content that underlies the basic service is not unique or inaccessible through other channels. Finally, adoption hinges on the availability of suitable, attractive devices, priced to attract the mass market.”