Mobile Entertainment Worth $25.9B By 2011 — World Cup Boost


Informa Telecoms & Media has issued a report at the MEM conference claiming that “mobile games, music and TV & video will be worth a total of US$25.9 billion by 2011”.
“The growth in mobile content services will be driven by music in 2006, which will be worth US$7.4 billion rising to US$13.6 billion by 2011. Games continues to grow despite fears the market was stagnating and is expected to generate US$2.4 billion this year, and rising to US$7.2 billion in 2011.”
Informa also things that the FIFA World Cup will give a boost to mobile TV and video, contributing $300 milliion of the $1.2 billion revenues from the sector this year. I’m glad that’s clarified — the rest of the press release refers to “Mobile TV to generate US$300 million in revenue in the build-up and duration of the World Cup”, whereas I think most of the revenue will come from video clips rather than broadcast mobile TV.

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