MEM 2006: Leveraging MTV’s Dynamic Audience

MTV’s Angel Gambino told me afterwards that the patterns of use for all five of MTV’s mobile TV services are very similar to those of broadcast TV in terms of when and where it is watched. Costs vary from operator to operator but kids without MTV on cable would find it easier to sign up to the mobile service. Mum & Dad would probably pick up the tab, of course.
Also, user-generated content is a priority for MTV, hence the recent acquisition of LA-based iFilm. The firm has five years’ experience in processing and editing this content (moderating everything from rights breaches to obscenities and porn etc) but Gambino said the most exciting part is talent spotting: “There are great content creators out there who just haven’t had a platform before”. MTV hasn’t released figures on the number of iFilm users yet but growth is “massive”, she said, and MTV is a very exciting brand to aggregate this type of content. There’s only a very tiny proportion of this content that’s really superb, she said, but when it’s good it’s really good.
Had the details wrapped up as a rather neat five-minute audio interview, but forgot to press record…

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.