Nokia Releases ‘Web Browser For S60’ Engine Code To Open Source


Nokia has released the code for Web Browser for S60 as open source code under a BSD license, in the Webkit Open Source Project. “Nokia’s contribution of the S60 WebKit source code, with key mobility enhancements that make WebKit easier to port to different mobile platforms, will enable reduced fragmentation in the next generation of mobile browsers, simplifying content development for the mobile web and accelerating adoption of mobile browsing by millions of smartphone users worldwide.”
Nokia’s browser enables people to view complete web pages as they exist on the internet, “leveraging compatibility with AJAX technologies and support for dynamic HTML and scripting language”.
“This initiative will attract a critical mass of open source software developers to build a consistent, web browser engine as the clearest path to minimize fragmentation in the mobile browser market,” said Lee Epting, vice president of Nokia’s global software developer support program, Forum Nokia (NYSE: NOK). “With nearly 100 million smartphones deployed worldwide, a common open source solution driving mobile web browser consistency will deliver on the long-awaited promise of full-web browsing and a true web experience for smartphone users around the globe.”
I’m not sure that mobile users really want “full-web browsing”, especially those with contracts that don’t include unlimited data. As such, I’m not sure it will reduce fragmentation — there will be those people and businesses who think there are better ways to browse the interent from mobile devices, especially those which minimize the data sent over the network like Skweezer and Opera Mini.
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