Turbo Charge your cell with a single AA battery


Turbocharge If you can carry a AA battery and the Turbo Charge portable charger, your cell phone will never run out of juice again. Unless you carry a dead AA battery, in which case, you’re beyond all help. The Turbo Charge connects to your phone and accepts the AA in the other side. You’ll get up to two hours of talk time and 40 hours of standby according to the company. For $29.95, this is what I’d call "cheap insurance" for people with cell-phones, i.e.; everybody. If you splurge for the $44.95 bundle, you get the basic package along with 8 different adapters, so you can be a good Samaritan for others that lost their juice too. Oh and the company does inlcude one AA to get you started. How thoughtful.




Great idea, but they don’t have an adapter for my BlackBerry!

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