Samsung Q1: come to Papa!



– a very happy kct


Scott Miller

Just received my Q1, after reading your blog – was looking for a Fujitsu Slate, but got excited and ordered a Q1 to be sent overnight.

The packaging aesthetics are superb. Not the device design – that’s nice too, but the actual box it comes in. Very well done. Sorry, but I’m an architectural designer, so this stuff excites me as much as the actual product. Charging it up for the moment – the Q1, not the box.


You WILL do a video review of this baby, will you? Pleeeaase… ;)


Oooh, I’m so envious! I sent James an e-mail asking about the navigation gestures that I’d seen in a UMPC demo video a while back, and he informed me that they were probably Q1-specific. So I’ll ask you to try out those nav gestures (a big v for video player, m for music, etc.) and please let us know how those work.

If only I weren’t waiting for the Asus UMPC or the Sony UX… :)

Anton P. Nym

Just got mine today… learning to print a\ over again but 1oving it anyway. Now I have to figure out how to write lower case “L”s on this thing…

— Steve


Congrats. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow. I have to admit, I am fairly excited as well.
Have fun!!!
BTW – My address isn’t fuzzed out! LOL.

Kevin C. Tofel

I’ll think about loaning it out at a discounted rate just for you. I actually may never get it: how will UPS know where I live with my address all fuzzed out? ;)

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