Samsung to produce two devices with Flash drives


SSD_PCSamsung is racing into the truly mobile arena with the announcement of two new devices that use Flash RAM instead of traditional hard drives.  Flash drives provide for faster boot and resume, use less battery, and are much faster at read/ write than spinning hard drives.  The Q1–SSD is the flash-based version of Samsung’s hard to find Q1 UMPC and will ship with a 32 GB flash drive.  It appears to be the same as the currently shipping Q1 that has an old school hard drive.  The Q30–SSD will also ship with a 32 GB flash drive and is a notebook computer with a 12.1” screen.  No word on pricing for either device but I’m betting a 32 GB flash drive has got to be pretty expensive compared to a regular hard drive model.  Both models will be available in June.

(via Akihabara News)




I saw somewhere that the Q1 with flash drive will be around $2400. Yikes!


Looks like Sony has changed the game on the UMPC market.

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