OneNote 2007 Beta 2 comes with OneNote Mobile!

Overall I am happy with Office 2007 Beta 2 and the performance improvements over older beta versions.  All of the programs feel downright snappy, even on my Tablet PC that is in desperate need of a rebuilding.  Very well done, Office team!  I was also surprised to see that the first time I synced my Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition, the Palm Treo 700w, that a system tray balloon informed me that OneNote Mobile was available if I cared to install it.  I did and it is very cool and adds a OneNote Notes item in the sync configuration in ActiveSync and is primarily a way to take notes on the mobile device for inclusion in OneNote later.  It doesn’t seem to allow ink notes which is a bummer but text is fine including advanced formatting like tables and bullets.  I haven’t played around with this much but surely intend to.


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