MobiBLU DAH-1900: 153 hours of mp3’s per charge

Mobibludah1900How many hours do you listen to .mp3’s in a single day? OK, now take that number and divide it into 153. Got it? That’s how many days you can go without recharging the MobiBLU DAH-1900 digital audio player. Yikes! The DAH-1900 comes in two capacities, 1 GB or 2 GB and features a sweet looking OLED screen that might be helping with the battery life a bit as OLED displays do not require a backlight.

An FM tuner, voice recorder, USB 2.0 port and WMA-support are thrown in at no extra charge for the DAH-1900. Prices in pounds are 109 and 139 respectively, depending on storage capacity. I wonder what it would cost for an OLED screen on a mobile computing device? Hmmm….


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