.mobi Off The Block; Registrations On

Somehow, any .mobi post we do seems to stirs emotions, and multiple comments. Anyway, .mobi registrations started today, and though none of the major U.S. wireless carriers invested in the company handling the domain, they all registered their dot-mobi domain names today, such as Cingular.mobi, Sprint.mobi and Verizon.mobi. Major media companies such as CBS, Time Warner and News Corp.’s Fox News Channel have also jumped in with new domain names: cbs.mobi, fox.mobi and timewarner.mobi. Even famous movies and TV shows like Batman, Catwoman, Family Guy and The Matrix now have registered dot-mobi sites.
To make wireless surfing smoother, Mobile Top Level Domain has required Web developers to follow a set of rules. One rule requires dot-mobi sites not to “cause pop-ups or other windows to appear.” Another requires developers to “divide (dot-mobi web) pages into usable but limited size portions.”
A dot-mobi domain name costs $140 a year for trademark names and $45 a year for generic names.
Some of the .mobi names, belonging to operators and some content providers (Weather Channel) are already active: Google.mobi, Weather.mobi, Vodafone.mobi, Ericsson.mobi, T-Mobile.mobi, Tim.mobi, and Nokia.mobi, among others.


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