i-mate combines the K-Jam and the Jas-Jar

Jasjam_1 I still keep wanting to call these things "Jar-Jar"s, but I’m sure Lucas Entertainment would sue i-mate for millions. So what do you get when you combine the Jas-Jar and the K-Jam models of Windows Mobile phones? You get the Jas-Jam; I still like my name better.

This Win Mobile 5 phone is based on the GSM cellular network and supports 3G data types of GPRS, GTMS, and the new speedy HSDPA. (Can you say up to 1.8 Mbps?). You got your Bluetooth, you got your 802.11b & g, and you got your 2.1 MP camera. Did I just say 2.1 MPs? I guess I did. I’m a little surprised that i-mate went a little light on the CPU since it’s only 300 MHz, but they didn’t skimp on memory: you get 128 MB of ROM and 64 MB of RAM. Don’t forget that sneaky little keyboard that slides out, too. I’d expect that the screen to be full VGA, but no word on that or on the price.

(via Mobility Site)



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