I need help with Office 2007 Beta 2

I was previously running Office Beta 1 TR1 in combination with MSN Desktop Search 2.6.5 which worked well together.  The combination of the two programs allowed for instant searching in Outlook that was fabulous– start typing your search term and get instant results so finding that nugget of information in Outlook email was so easy and very fast.  Today like thousands of other people I dutifully uninstalled Beta 1 of Office, installed Beta 2 from scratch, and when I fired up Outlook the first time it said I needed to upgrade my Windows Desktop Search and the only two options are Download and Remind me later.  Turns out the Remind me later causes the same obnoxious dialog box to appear every time you start Outlook.  No, it’s even worse.  It appears everytime you run OneNote, too, since ON can also benefit from Instant Search.  No, it’s even worse.  If you hit Remind me later an orange bar appears at the top of the Outlook window, taking up valuable screen real estate and distracting you in general.  Guess what?  These reminders cannot be turned off.  If you use Google Desktop Search or some other search program besides Windows Desktop Search then you are doomed to be plagued by these annoying dialog boxes every time you start either Outlook or OneNote.

So now you’re saying, quit complaining and just update your Windows Desktop Search.  That’s what I would say if I were you.  Well, it turns out I can’t.  Every time I run the Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Preview which is required, it runs the setup all the way to the end and then craters with a “access is denied” dialog box.  That is literally all the information in the box.  The only option it gives at this point is to uninstall what it has already installed to that point.  The problem is it has uninstalled my MSN Desktop Search too.  I end up with no desktop search capability at all.  Just that annoying reminder and orange bar.  I have taken two full steps backward and lost functionality in an area that is not even Office 2007 specific.  I have no idea what to do at this point.  I can’t find a place to post my problem with the WDS 3.0 Preview install.  And it seems this version was created especially to handle Outlook and OneNote 2007 Beta 2.  Can you say hosed?  That would be me all right.


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