I need help with Office 2007 Beta 2


I was previously running Office Beta 1 TR1 in combination with MSN Desktop Search 2.6.5 which worked well together.  The combination of the two programs allowed for instant searching in Outlook that was fabulous– start typing your search term and get instant results so finding that nugget of information in Outlook email was so easy and very fast.  Today like thousands of other people I dutifully uninstalled Beta 1 of Office, installed Beta 2 from scratch, and when I fired up Outlook the first time it said I needed to upgrade my Windows Desktop Search and the only two options are Download and Remind me later.  Turns out the Remind me later causes the same obnoxious dialog box to appear every time you start Outlook.  No, it’s even worse.  It appears everytime you run OneNote, too, since ON can also benefit from Instant Search.  No, it’s even worse.  If you hit Remind me later an orange bar appears at the top of the Outlook window, taking up valuable screen real estate and distracting you in general.  Guess what?  These reminders cannot be turned off.  If you use Google Desktop Search or some other search program besides Windows Desktop Search then you are doomed to be plagued by these annoying dialog boxes every time you start either Outlook or OneNote.

So now you’re saying, quit complaining and just update your Windows Desktop Search.  That’s what I would say if I were you.  Well, it turns out I can’t.  Every time I run the Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Preview which is required, it runs the setup all the way to the end and then craters with a “access is denied” dialog box.  That is literally all the information in the box.  The only option it gives at this point is to uninstall what it has already installed to that point.  The problem is it has uninstalled my MSN Desktop Search too.  I end up with no desktop search capability at all.  Just that annoying reminder and orange bar.  I have taken two full steps backward and lost functionality in an area that is not even Office 2007 specific.  I have no idea what to do at this point.  I can’t find a place to post my problem with the WDS 3.0 Preview install.  And it seems this version was created especially to handle Outlook and OneNote 2007 Beta 2.  Can you say hosed?  That would be me all right.



bhavesh, I finally got it to install several days ago by following the steps in the KB article. Took 3 hours and 15 cycles of log one error, edit the registry, and reinstall. Rinse and repeat.


There’s also a bug coverting onenote 2003 files to 2007. Noteflags don’t always copy over correctly.


Ah! Stumbled on to this post because I was encountering the same error.

Just in case it was Windows Defender, I turned off Real-Time Protection, but it doesn’t seem to help.

In C:WindowsKB917013.log, it says:

42.984: DoRegistryUpdates:UpdSpInstallFromInfSection Failed for ProductInstall.GlobalRegistryChanges.Install error: 0x5
42.984: INF_REGISTRY Failed
42.984: DoInstallation:DoRegistryUpdates failed
43.047: WDS ********** EndInstallation called.
43.047: WDS ********** FailedInstallation called.
43.047: Access is denied.

From the INF file, those registry locations are:

AddReg = Product.Add.Reg
AddReg = Product.Add.Reg.ARP
AddReg = Product.Add.Reg.UI
AddReg = Product.Add.Reg.Ext
AddReg = Product.Add.Reg.ViewLocations
AddReg = Product.Add.Reg.Previewers

For the exact keys, see the update_winxp.inf file, the sections marked [Product.Add.Reg.ARP], [Product.Add.Reg.Ext], [Product.Add.Reg.Previewers], [Product.Add.Reg.UI] … far too many to test manually.

So I pull out RegMon. For some reason, according to RegMon, update.exe is Opening keys in HKCUCLSID to make sure they exist, but it is Querying and Creating keys in HKCR. For example, it tries to Open HKCUCLSID{9E175BAF-F52A-11D8-B9A5-505054503030}ProgID, gets NOTFOUND, so it Creates and Queries HKCRCLSID{9E175BAF-F52A-11D8-B9A5-505054503030}ProgID with SUCCESS, but then tries to Open HKCUCLSID{9E175BAF-F52A-11D8-B9A5-505054503030}ProgID and gets NOTFOUND. Why does it do that? I’ve no idea. HKCU isn’t in any of the inf files. And HKCUCLSID is blank.

matt o'c

same problem here. install of wds3.0 dies at “access denied”.

I also can’t get outlook07 to recognize a hotmail account even with the outlook
connector installed. matter of fact, reinstalling the outlook connector breaks
all of outlook07 and despite running detect and repair mulitple times it still
won’t function at all. this forces a uninstall/reinstall of the whole app to get
it working again.


You’re right, I just realized that without WDS installed there is NO search in OneNote. It just tells you to install WDS when you try a search. This is very bad for me.


You’re right, I just realized that without WDS installed there is NO search in OneNote. It just tells you to install WDS when you try a search. This is very bad for me.

Dan Carter

I was actually able to complete the install of Desktop Search 3.0 preview (twice actually). However, there is no sign of it on my system, and search in OneNote 2007 (the only app I installed) does not function. So far, beyond this issue, I don’t see anything about the new OneNote that I was hoping for.

No fit-to-window view. No Page Tab sort. And now no search.

Aaron M. Hall

Yeah, I found it for Outlook, but the same option does not exist in OneNote, so far as I can tell.


UPDATE 2: I found where you can disable the annoying WDS prompt. Go to OPTIONS|OTHER|ADVANCED OPTIONS and the last tick box under General Settings is “Show promots to download Windows Desktop Search”. Deselect this and restart Outlook and that prompt is history. :)


UPDATE: While WDS won’t install on the Tablet it installed fine on the Sony U, probably because I never installed WDS on it before. I left the Sony U on all night so WDS could index everything and first thing this morning I searched a mail folder and it found no matches. I was looking right at a match in the window.

Instant search worked perfectly on both my machines in Beta 1 so this is a disappointment, for sure.

Marc Orchant

JK – they definitely botched things up with this release. Fortunately, I was able to restrain myself and installed the new beta in my Virtual PC machine before diivng in and replacing my working O2K3 installation.

The WDS 3.0 beta requirement is poorly documented and the implications for someone using Google Desktop, Copernic, or some other tool are unclear except to say that running two indexers is a guaranteed productivity killer (not to mention the wear and tear on your hard drive).

Until this sorts itself out I plan to stick with the VPC test bed. FWIW, the activation problem seems to be a back-end problem at Microsoft and is not specific to anyone’s installation. It appears no one has been able to activate the beta based on early chatter I’ve seen on Channel 9 and in the blogs.

Dan Carter

So far, I’ve got to agree with JK. OneNote 2007 installation is a mess. Can’t activate and WDS is gone after the supposed 3.0 update needed for 2007. What good is all our information in one place if we can’t search for it? I know it’s beta, but geez…


I had OneNote 2007 on my machine for all of 10 min. First, it wouldn’t connect to the internet to activate. Then, every time I started it it would ask to install WDS. I use (happily) Copernic Desktop Search. Beta 2 uninstalled. If the full version is like this, it’ll make my decision to switch to Mac that much easier.

Aaron M. Hall


You might try using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to manually remove the Windows Installer points for MSN Desktop Search… and then try reinstalling the new one that way.


Best of luck, and I hope you find a good way to get rid of the Search Prompts, because they’re damn annoying, indeed.


Yes, it definitely is a beta and I haven’t forgotten that. But this is surely a tactic to annoy users of other desktop search products the way it is implemented. Maybe they’ll fix this one quickly.

On the plus side, the overall performance is quite snappy and I am very happy about that. Kudos to the office team for speeding everything up. :)

Colin Walker

I had an error “you don’t have permission to update windows” first time I tried it but I resaved the file, logged on as admin (rather than just an account with admin rights) and it worked.

Now I’m not running any other desktop search so I don’t know what impact that has but the Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Preview is purely the engine and not the front-end/UI etc so I don’t know if that will conflict.

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