How to: install eReader books on a mobile device without a PC


Ereader_1_1This tip might be old hat for some of you power users, but I’m sharing it for those of you that still install eReader books to your mobile device via ActiveSync. If you look at eReader’s support information for installing eBooks, you’d likely think that ActiveSync is the only method, but it’s not. Not only do you not need ActiveSync to install books, but if you’ve got any network connectivity at all, you don’t even need a host computer to download the book! Even a WiFi connection to the Internet will do the trick. While the eReader folks update their website, I’ll share the extremely simple and intuitive process…

In my example, I’m using my XV6700 and the EV-DO connection; your mileage will vary based on your device and connection type, but the concept is the same. Instead of using ActiveSync and the not-so-user-friendly "Install Book" application that eReader provides your host computer, you can just save the .pdb file of the book to the appropriate location.


First, I browsed to the eReader site via Internet Explorer Mobile and I logged in to my account. Upon doing so, there is a link to my Bookshelf. If you click your bookshelf, you can view all of your past purchases. Wow, I had to scroll down a bunch; do I really read that many books? For my example, I’m going to pull down "The DaVinci Code" simply because every time I see Tom Hanks’ hairstyle in the movie trailers, I bust a gut laughing. Sorry Tom!


A quick tap of the Download link and IE prompts for a "Yes" to save, "Cancel" to not download, or "Save As". Again, depending on your mobile browser or version of Internet Explorer, the prompt could be slightly different. The key here is: you want to exercise your "Save As" right because you can simply drop the file in the appropriate folder for eReader to recognize it natively. In my case, I know that my eBooks are in the Peanut Press folder on my XV6700, which is the default. Using the dialog box drop-down, I just choose Peanut Press and click Save. Internet Explorer will download the file and save it in the location specified.


It’s really as simple as that. No host computer needed; no ActiveSync connection required and no special execution of the "Install Book" feature provided by eReader. The end result is that the book will now show up in your mobile Bookshelf so you can read to your heart’s content! If the folks at eReader catch wind of this simple tip, I hope they can update their website by supplementing their current information. The instructions they provide do work, but in my opinion are from another date and time. Wireless connectivity through WiFi, 3G and even Bluetooth are becoming so prevalent that we really don’t need a convoluted method of using multiple devices for something as simple as a file download.





I did this on my Treo 300 years back and still do on my treo 600. Except for palm, ebooks are either just installed to RAM or in the /Palm/Launcher folder on your SD card.

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