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Gizmo Project 2.0, Out Now

Gizmo Project, a soft phone developed by Michael Robertson’s SIPphone has been upgraded to what else: version 2.0. And it is truly 2.0, and has some major enhancements. (Michael’s Thoughts can be read here.)

One of the biggest improvements is that it now works with Asterisk, an open source PBX software that is just growing in popularity as fast as mushrooms grow in rain forest after a monsoon shower. Fonality, a Business 2.0 Next Net 25 company, has signed up 10,000 users who have made 20 million Asterisk calls.

Till recently, if you were using Asterisk, you would use some other softphone, such as eyeBeam, which is quite nice, but still it mean another client open on your computer screen. (IM, Skype, Gizmo and eyeBeam – that a whole lot of IM windows on a tiny laptop screen!)

It also works with Free World Dial-Up and other SIP based services. Another bit of good news is that it would work on the Nokia 770 Tablet as well, and the two companies are collaborating on rolling that out soon enough.

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6 Responses to “Gizmo Project 2.0, Out Now”

  1. steve

    gizmo, skype, aol, ms yahoo icq everyone everywhere.
    Its time to include all in a meebo like place and let us live all ready!
    Maybe gates will infact do that.

  2. Wes Felter

    I see that “SIP compatible” has been translated into “works with Asterisk”. Is decommoditization still evil if open source projects are behind it?

    And PhoneBoy reports that Gizmo tunnels all its traffic through servers owned by SIPPhone, even if you enter a different server name. Given the AT&T/NSA scandal, this is not a good sign.

  3. Om, the link to Gizmo Project goes straight to the download page, which attempts to download the installer without any prompting. It might be nicer to link to the homepage.