Windows XP in 9.165 square inches: screen size of the Sony UX series


Uxkeyboard_1Interested in running Windows XP on a small screen? How does XP in 9.165 square inches sound? We were just chatting about the screen-size of the Sony UX handheld computer on the MobileTechRoundup podcast and lucky for us: we’ve got a listener that lives a hop, skip and a jump from Sony’s Tokyo showroom. Massimo dropped us a note and offered to get the exact dimensions of the screen, so here goes…

According to what Massimo measured, the Sony UX screen is approximately:

  • 2.35-inches high by 3.9-inches wide, with the 4.5-inches diagonal measurement that we already knew
  • In centimeters, this is much cleaner: 6 cm high by 10 cm wide, meaning that the aspect ratio is not exactly a 16 x 9 ratio.

Just for kicks, I measured the QVGA screen on my XV6700 Windows Mobile 5 phone. Wouldn’t you know that the height of the screen is 2.3-inches, or roughly the same height as the Sony UX screen? The width of the XV6700 screen is 1.75-inches, so "two" XV6700 screens would be a tad skinnier than the UX screen, but pretty close in size comparison. XP on two of my smartphone screens? It isn’t something I personally relish, and for those who want the UX, you might find yourself in a pickle, save for the killer clear 1,024 x 600 screen resolution.

Something else that will help in a big way: Massimo indicated that the zoom screens are "not as previous zoom functions I’ve seen where the screen goes blank and the displays the ‘new’ resolution, but it zooms in rather like in photoshop… as in seamless." Massimo: thanks for checking out the device firsthand for jkOnTheRun. Still no luck on "borrowing" one from the showroom, huh? ;)




in the last sentence above, replace “Sony” with “something”


Thanks for the sunlight feedback.:)

But I have another unanswered question that I’ve asked several times here. Do you think that one could use the Samsung Q1 organizer and keyboard with the Sony UX? or does something have something similar?


The UX screen is a XBRITE display and those typically display well in bright light. I will be surprised if the screen is worse than the U50/70/750.


Would love for it to be visible outdoors. Could your friend in Tokyo check this for us (under close scrutiny of the Sony employees off course). About the screen size, it is small, but the only way to make it bigger is to increase the entire devices size or sacrifice the hands-on controls. I hope it turns out well. We will know on saturday I guess. I hope the first real reviews are out soon after…


Does anyone know for sure yet whether the Sony UX displays extremely well outside in bright sunlight the way that the Sony U750P/U50/770/U71 already does?

I *love* the Sony U750P’s ability to display the monitor excellently in even extremely bright sunlight and I’ll be very disappointed if Sony didn’t carry this same quality over in to the UX.

I’ve asked this question several times with no answer here. Does no one really know? JK, can you find out if you don’t already know?


6 cms high is what you find in some Pocket PCs like the Axim X51v in landscape, adding two centimeters to what you see in that same device in the wider side of the screen and you have the size of UX. I’m having a very hard time thinking about XP running in such small space even with a “EXTRA CLEAR” screen and that “Super” resolution.

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