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Selling Music, Not Downloads

Navio has released AV Commerce 2.0, a “Rights over IP (RoIP) technology which uniquely enables distributed transactions and device independence…content owners can publish digital content once, and distribute it direct-to-consumers wherever they are — online at digital music stores and fan sites, on-the-go through mobile devices, over authorized peer-to-peer networks, or at retail point-of-sale.”
The big plus for consumers is that they buy the right to listen to a piece of music rather than a download. So if they buy the right for their computer, it automatically applies to their mobile phone. If they lose/upgrade their phone they don’t have to buy all the content again because they still have the right to listen to the content. I’m not sure of the techical details, and while it isn’t likely to be very popular with big labels it already has some significant customers, including Atom Entertainment, FOX Sports Mobile, and Walt Disney Internet Group. Oh, and apparently the songs work on iPods, as well.