PC Pro reviews two UMPCs for a virtual comparison

Now that I impulsively ordered a Samsung Q1, I’m scouring the web for every review I can find. Most of them provide similar impressions, which is I why I found it interesting to come across two reviews by PC Pro: one of the of the Samsung Q1 and one of the Vusys Dokodemo, which is basically the same as the "eo" model that TabletKiosk and others are offering under different names.

The interesting part is that the same reviewer took the same approach with both devices. When you put the two reviews together by Ross Burridge, you have a virtual-comparison review of the two UMPCs. I won’t draw any conclusions for you; instead, I’ll point you to the reviews and let you comment away. Oh and don’t worry, I can’t keep my comments to myself, so I’m sure to join in.

PC Pro hands on review of the Samsung Q1 (4 out of 6)
PC Pro hands on review of the Vusys Dokodemo (3 out of 6)