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New Companies Help Local TV, News Services Play Video Clip Game

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More options for publishers and content providers … Critical Mention’s ClipSyndicate and Voxant’s upcoming Viral Syndication Network promise to help news organizations mine the digital vaults for viral gold by matching clips with sites. ClipSyndicate’s beta allows web publishers (with two exceptions: no porn and no broadcasters) to use clips and gives them a share the ad network revenue from that site. It also makes it easy to find and insert clips. Post-beta, the option will be to pay for the clip and insert their own ads or continue to rev share. agree agree to advertising revenue share. According to the NYT, content providers make 30 percent of the revenue generated by their clips.
ClickZ: Voxant‘s Viral Syndication Network plans a beta launch this June on roughly 1,000 sites including CBS and NPR affiliates. What seems to differentiate the VSN for now is its inclusion of multiple forms of content — licensed news video clips, text articles, stills and video transcripts. The video transcripts are produced by its own transcribers, making it easier to target ads to content. It all gets paired up with pre-roll ads for use on any site or blog. Affiliates share in the revenue and get customized players. Users will be able to pick up the content from any site and upload it to their own.