Instructables: turn a cordless phone into a Skype phone


Cordless_phone_1If you’re not already reading the Instructables website, consider taking a look. The site is a collaborative "how-to" type of community that has some great projects. Considering how much those Skype phones are costing these days, the recent Instructables project really caught my ear eye. There’s a step-by-step process outlined to take an old cordless phone (and I do mean old) and turn it into a usable Skype phone. Heck of a bunch cheaper than the flashy new models, but you’ll still need your computer to initiate the Skype calls.

I’m not-so-handy around the house, or anywhere for that matter, so I’ll leave this one up to you. If anyone completes the project, be sure to Skype me so I can hear how it sounds, ‘k?


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