Free audio books for download in Luzerne County

We don’t all live in Pennsylvania like Kevin but those who are fortunate enough to live in Luzerne County and have a membership in the county library can now download audio books for free starting July 1.  The audio books can be downloaded to a PC or portable device (except iPods) and they cannot be copied to CDs.  The downloads are active for 21 days and there is one 21 day renewal allowed, after which the file becomes unreadable.  The audio book files can be transferred to portable devices twice and are in Windows Media Player 9 format.  Portable devices supported include Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile smartphones so warm up your portable media player and get ready for some summer “reading” fun.  Currently the library has over 1300 titles available and add new titles each month.  The library system is working on a plan to allow members to connect the portable device direct to the library’s computers for file transfer, to help those who do not have high-speed internet connectivity at home.  It is great to see more libraries offering services like this and embracing the technology that makes enjoying books even more convenient for their patrons.

(via Times Leader)



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