Control your Smartphone with a mouse and keyboard with TrueConnect


Tc_realestateThis is an interesting twist on our recent software KVM posts; using TrueConnect software, you can control your Smartphone or PocketPC with a mouse or keyboard from your host PC. It looks like TrueConnect uses ActiveSync for the connection conduit, so you folks connecting to Exchange servers might not use this all that much.

Still, if you use a portable handheld for replying to bunches of e-mail or any other text-intensive uses, TrueConnect might come in handy, especially when you can cut and paste text from host machine to handheld device. Why purchase a Bluetooth keyboard, for example, if your work environment includes a host PC with keyboard and mouse? TrueConnect is available for a 14-day free trial and the application costs $29.95 if you decide to purchase.

(via CoolSmartPhone)


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