Control your PC and mouse with your smartphone or Pocket PC


Pptwin1 controlling our Smartphone or Pocket PC
Salling Clicker

Salling Clicker will set you back $23.95 which is not bad since it works over WiFi or Bluetooth.  The demo version is limited to 30 clicks so be sure and plan those clicks out in advance so you can make your mind about buying the program.  The program is available in both Windows and Mac versions so everyone should be happy.



Sounds cool, I have been using something similar with my Sony Ericsson K700i. Using bluetooth I can connect to my Tablet PC and control it remotely whilst I stroll around the classroom. It’s great if I’m using a PowerPoint since it gets me out of the way and lets the children focus on the content. The software is free to donwload from Sony’s website though I’m sure it will only work on Sony phones, it also can be usd to control iTunes and Media Player.

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