Control your PC and mouse with your smartphone or Pocket PC

Pptwin1Oh sure, Kevin told us about controlling our Smartphone or Pocket PC with our PC but what if you want to go the other way?  Salling Software has us covered with the Salling Clicker remote control software that provides a way to move the cursor around on our PC using our phone or PDA.  Why would you want to do that you say?  Think remote control.  Better yet, think about running your Powerpoint presentation from your Treo while walking around the room.  Now you get the picture.  I’ve been playing with the demo version and it is so cool to control Windows Media Player or iTunes on the PC using my Treo sitting in my easy chair.  Am I spoiled or what? 

Salling Clicker will set you back $23.95 which is not bad since it works over WiFi or Bluetooth.  The demo version is limited to 30 clicks so be sure and plan those clicks out in advance so you can make your mind about buying the program.  The program is available in both Windows and Mac versions so everyone should be happy.


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