CNET’s new Top 10 Must Have Gadgets List

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I always love to see the CNET Top 10 Gadget List and a new one has recently appeared.  Here are their pics (photos and video of each on the CNET site):

  1. TiVo Series2 DT– The DVR that started it all
  2. Creative Zen Vision:M– awesome PMP
  3. Slingbox– TV brought to you, wherever you are
  4. iRivier Clix (2GB)– nice inexpensive PMP
  5. Sony PSP– I have one
  6. Dell XPS M1710–  gaming notebook
  7. Xbox 360– THE gaming console
  8. Panasonic TH-42PHD8UK– 42 inch screen
  9. Palm Treo 700w– I have one
  10. Canon PowerShot S80–  8 megapixels of photo taking goodness


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Dave Zatz

Not sure why they’re so fond of the Clix, especially since they have the VisionM up there. The ability to handle Flash games is pretty unique, but it only handles video at 15fps. I saw some conspiracy theorists on Digg speculating this list would appease Microsoft – a big CNET advertiser.

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