BookExpo: The Clash Between Literati & Technorati

Viewed one way, BookExpo America was a bloodless boxing match with Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Updike in one corner and the future represented in Keith Kelly’s recent NYT Magazine paen to digital words and Google’s book scanning “Scan This Book.” Bob Thomson has the rundown on Updike’s comments and Google’s real presence at the show in the form of publisher’s friend Google Book Search.
But not everyone saw it that way. For some on the so-called technorati side, it was a chance both to find common ground — marketing, for instance — and look forward. Our friend John Blossom writes about his experience here and here.
AP: “Updike may not care for the digital mountain, but he already has been added to it. Starting this week, BookExpo is making his speech available for download on the Internet, bringing it to the iPod like the latest hit song. ‘Well, there you are,’ the author told the AP when he heard the news. ‘You just can’t hide anymore.‘”
The BookExpo podcasts will be released over the next two months, which speaks volumes.