Airline seat recommendations on a mobile site


Seatmap_1Any chance I can get cool information from a mobile site, I’m all over that like white on iPod. Now SeatGuru is actually a standard site, but there’s a mobile version as well, which is formatted for mobile screens. SeatGuru is for you frequent travelers out there: it’s your one-way destination for seating information on many airlines as well as the aircraft in their fleet.

Simply narrow your search by airline and then by type of aircraft and you’ll be treated to a visual seating chart that provides info on which seats are good, bad and so awful you should avoid at any cost. You’ll also get details on each seat’s potential amenities, where the lavatory and galley are, and much, much more. I hadn’t planned on taking a plane anywhere, but after viewing the SeatGuru site, I’ve got my travel agent holding on the other line. Any suggestions for a destination?

(via LIVEdigitally)


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