Just ordered the Samsung Q1. I must be nuts.


Q1_1 When I say "just ordered", I mean just ordered. As in less than 5 minutes ago. Hopefully the shipping estimates that Best Buy provided of "5/25 to 5/31" are accurate, but we’ll see. Why did I do it? Well, my biggest fears might not be major issues after all and I’m willing to take a chance. The only reasons I wasn’t going to take the plunge were: connectivity and the touch screen. From a connectivity standpoint, I put about 1.5 to 2 GB of bandwidth through my EV-DO card. Since that’s a PC card, I can’t use it with the Samsung Q1. However, as Lisa Gade noted in her hands-on review, she was able to tether her Samsung A930 with the Q1. Since I’ve got an EV-DO plan with my Windows Mobile 5 phone, this might be a non-issue. As far as the touchscreen, my obvious concern is: will my hand cause issues with my inking? That’s a chance I’m willing to take as I can adjust the pressure level of my hand and learn to minimize any problems.

Frankly, the form factor coupled with hardware specs that are good enough for 98% of my daily routine (e-mail, reading RSS feeds and blogging) make this an appealing package. I still think I’m nuts, but it’s likely you already knew that. ;)



Scott Stanford

Is the Q1 worth the money? I would buy one, but the BestBuy 15% restocking fee is keeping me from hitting the ‘Buy’ button.

Kevin C. Tofel

Mel, I won’t be able to afford one of the flash based Q1’s (although a review unit would be nice, Samsung!). While the flash drives are great conceptually, we’ve got to see the prices come down before they hit my budget. ;)

Steven Snell

Kevin, I’m looking forward to the video review. Can’t wait.

Anton P. Nym

Welcome to the Dark Side, Kevin. *grin* FedEx is telling me that mine is in Memphis right now, due for delivery tomorrow afternoon at work. Which is leading to a very odd feeling; it’s our long weekend here in Canada right now, and yet I can’t wait to get back to work…

I do look forward to seeing your impression of it; I’m still new at mobile technology, but you can bring a much vaster experience with devices in these roles and can better compare the Q1 with competing products. And I’m interested in your results with EVDO, as that’s still rolling out in my neighbourhood (and the pricing’s still a bit steep) so there’s no one around here to ask for their experiences with it in the field.

I do look forward to comparing experiences with you!

— Steve


One of the good things that the eo V7110 is the screen sensitivity. I can ink without any problem. Of course if I’m using my fingers to do something in the screen I have to press a little harder but I one of those who hate to see fingerprints in my screen so I do not use my fingers to do anything too often.

Raphael Salgado

I may be crazy as well. I preordered the Sony UX180P when they had “free shipping” until last Thursday. Of course, SonyStyle.com hit me with NJ taxes at 6%… I checked Dynamism.com and they offer no tax, but $58 shipping, which is cheaper, and even a bundle DVD+-RW drive that’s a price difference of about $128 from the price I paid at SonyStyle.

Like you, I think I’m nuts, but I keep thinking the main reason why I sold off the U70P a while back was the lack of a keyboard – something that the UX180P gladly has. I’m contemplating the Cingular EDGE capability versus Bluetooth tethering of EvDO through my Treo 700w (if I sell off the 700w and maybe get a RAZR V3c instead, and I could use the money to defray a small portion of the UX180P costs). I may get a nice discount on my EDGE connection with my hookups at Cingular, though I may be sacrificing some serious speed in doing so.

One of the convincing factors for me getting the UX180P is the fact that I can finally do videoconferencing with my family and friends. I’m not sure if EDGE can fully handle it if I use Skype Video or AIM/MSN Video, and I’m hoping that Sony thought about that when they implemented EDGE into the UX. Oh, how I do like that integrated SIM slot on the UX, though. No tethering at all is nice, and I can still keep my phone free to make calls.

Dilemmas, dilemmas.

Kevin C. Tofel

Robert, that’s very concerning to hear. I’ve used a touchscreen device (PDA or phone) every day for the last 6 years, so I’m hoping I can “learn” the sensitivity of the screen.
msafi, yes I can return it as Best Buy has a 14 day return policy from date of receipt. However, there is a 15% restocking fee, so I may end up selling it if it’s not the device for me.


Kevin, can’t you return it if you didn’t like it?


I just came back from JavaOne where one of the Microsoft employees had the Q1. He let me play with it for a few minutes and I found the touch screen inking experience unacceptable. I really could not rest my hand on the screen without getting stray ink. The MS employee told me that he had to use it like a PDA (i.e. did not rest his palm on the screen). I asked about battery life and he said he was getting 2-2.5 hours.

I wish you better luck Kevin. I love the form factor; however, I will have to wait until things improve a bit. I look forward to your review.

Kevin C. Tofel

James, my bad! I fixed Lisa’s name (Sorry Lisa! Great reviews BTW!)
Michael, I hope we’ll be “talking shop” about the Q1 soon. Stay tuned.
Cheryl, I can live without GPS but I’m not sure I can live without a UMPC now. ;) If the Asus were available now, I’d consider it, but it might be too sleek for me.
Jeff, the touchscreen is a concern, so this baby might see eBay within 48 hours, but I have to give it a fair shake. Actually, I don’t plan to shake it, so scratch that.
Pat, I didn’t order any extras at this time. I want to ensure I can comfortably ink first. If that works out, I’ll likely grab a keyboard, spare battery and possibly the case when those are available.


Cool! I look forward to reading about your impressions on it. Are you getting a spare battery for it as well? I wonder if you’ll be looking at the pressure sensitivity, and sampling rate of the touchscreen – I’m interested in using a UMPC as a drawing tablet, and at the moment, the only PDA that is useable for that function is my REALLLY OLD (Windows CE) Cyberbank PC-Ephone.

Jeff Gilbert

I received the first shipment of the Q1 after the initial backorder. So far I’ve been very disappointed by it as a note-taking device. The touchscreen is just too much of an issue to be a serious contender, IMO. I’d like to hear how others have dealt with it, but you just simply need to rest your hand on the screen, and you can’t do it. Seems like the Motion LS800 is the best alternative.


Hey, Michael.

When are you going to post about the Q1 on your blog? I haven’t seen an update in quite a while. :)

Kevin, I look forward to hearing about your first impressions when you get the Q1. Even though the Q1 is the only current UMPC that can handle screen rotation, if I were to buy a UMPC, I’d lean toward the Asus model (what can I say, I really like the looks, and the integrated GPS!). But as I’ve said several times on my blog, the Sony UX is stealing me away from the UMPCs so far…


Gee Kevin, you could have Photoshopped the jkOTR web site on the picture. :) You’re going to love the Q1, that’s my prediction.

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