Advanced tag editor gone from Windows Media Player 11


Has anyone else noticed the absence of the Advanced Tag Editor from Windows Media Player 11?  It has been a staple of Windows Media Player for a long time but it seems to be gone from this new beta version.  At least I can’t seem to find it.  The Editor was invaluable to me as a podcaster for setting all the audio file ID3 tags properly but not anymore.  Oh well.




Note that small video files are not added to the library by default so you will not see them in Media Player unless you reduce the size threshold.


If your rip settings in WMP options are set to lossless WAV you won’t have access to the tags and then iTunes won’t import properly as the names are all messed up like albumnameartisttrack or something like that. Even if you use windows converter, the filenames/track numbers won’t be correct. RIP as Windows Media Audio and things work correctly.


The Advanced Tag Editor is available in WMP11 (XP and Vista), however, it has been removed from WMP 12.

In Win7, if you were using the Advanced Tag Editor for bulk editing, it is possible to edit the metadata of multiple files in Explorer; it’s also possible in WMP by selecting the content in the Library and choosing edit from the context menu on any column you would like to edit.

The Zune software seems to have more extensible metadata editing than WMP11. But the WMP 11 Advanced Tag Editor could see and edit tags that Zune does not.

Hope it is useful.


Very helpful — Thanks! I deleted the pointers from Windows Media, then edited the properties of the files using Windows Explorer. When I dragged them back into Windows Media, the new tags are there.

It’s stupid as hell that MS removed this from Media Player, but it’s not the first (or unfortunately the last) boneheaded thing they’ve done…..


Editing audio tags are already supported by filesystem. Simply open explorer in folder where you keep audiofiles, select Properties and edit any of them! Also you can edit multiple files at once.


Does anyone know why WMP11 does not change the tags of the files (e.g. artitst or album) of the songs in their original files. They are changed in the library but these attributes are not changed in the file, and when I copy the to somewhere else tags are not changed.


From another help site: uncheck the read only attributes for the file and advance tag editor will reappear


yeah……I’ve noticed that the advanced tag editor has disappeared. It’s hell! I was wondering how to edit tags in WMP11. Does anyone know if microsoft is going to update it??? if not…i’m going back to WMP10….any help is appreciated!

Annoyed at wmp11

It really does suck that the advanced tag editor is gone from the now playing list. wmp11 just sucks in general, kinda like how vista sucks compared to xp. i’m gonna redownload wmp10 now.


hey there, has anyone found a solution to VIDEO tag editor at wmp? It works for mp3s but not for videos. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


Im going back to WMP 10, it’s much simpler to right click the mp3 file and edit the tags instead of opening WMP dragging it to a playlist then editing and the info will also be shown when I hover over the mp3 file.

Joe Piakis

Ok I am going crazy. ok you in album view, if you right click on album without cover art it is first a blue sqaure with a music note. you can drag art directly to the sqare. Now if you right click on an individual song select advance tag editor/Pictures there is no picture there. Well if i sync files to my phone the sanyo 8400, i will get album art on the phone for only those songs that i manually added art to each song using the advance tag editor. if i just dragged and drooped the picture to the blue sqare I dont get any art work on the phone. so its seems to me that if you want to have all mp3 have art work when syncing to another device, i may have to manuall add album art to thosands of songe using the sdvance tag editor!!


MAJOR trouble…my advanced tag editor on the right-click has disappeared for ALL video in the library. Audio is just fine, but for some reason, I cannot edit the tags on WMV clips anymore. I’ve checked read-only, and reinstalled WMP a couple of times, but still no good. Any help is greatly appreciated.


“You’re right, it’s on the right-click menu if the library after a file has been added to the library.”

jk: Can you please explain what this sentence means?

First click on Library.

Then what?

Select a file and click File/Add to library?

I did that and then right-clicked on that file and still did not see “advanced tag editor.”

Please explain.

Thanks, Jimmu

Dr. Anonymous

I think they already know that. i for 1 just wanna know if someone has made a script or a hack/crack to put advanced tag editor back into the now playing window… how am i ment to correct all songs on a cd’s names if media player sorts all of em as different albums!!!!!

im never gonna be able to clean my 2500 songs again!


There is an advance tag editor.
Go to library, then on the song not the album cover, the song and you right click it and it should say advance tag editor


do you think that windows will provide an update that’ll allow us to edit tags again? this is freakin’ ridiculous!


It’s really sad it’s no longer possible to edit information for the song that is not in the media library. I cannot see a good justification for such a feature cut. I’m disgusted.


i am having serious problems with the advanced tag editor in WMA11. When I change album info on a track (I like to add old B-sides to the album where the A-side resides), the program does not add the track to the same album folder. it is left stray, in its own folder. In WMA10 you could drag and drop files and all would be fine. here there is no drag and i missing something?

Tim Marman

Yeah, i depends on where you right-click in the views.

But one thing I love about this, in the view by album, you can just right click on the album/genre etc and edit, without bringing up the whole advanced editor. Maybe it was there before, but just not as intuitive. Still, seems pretty good.

The critical issue for me is that it still doesn’t support the ipod. For this reason, i still have to use iTunes. Since I can just use ID3 tags through Windows Media Connect to the X360, I’ve been leanng towards using iTunes for my music library and WMP for playing videos (no library really).

I’ve been thinking about writing a plugin for awhile but it’s been so far down the list of priorities. I’m still amazed someone didn’t write an iPod provider yet.


You’re right, it’s on the right-click menu if the library after a file has been added to the library. You used to be able to access from the right pane when a song not added to the library was playing. That option is now gone, as near as I can tell.


It’s there, for me at least. All I have to do is right click on an individual song and it is in the menu.

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