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The On-Demand Consumer: 57 Million in U.S.

So says a new report by Arbitron and Edison Media Research, up from 27 million a year ago. Some other findings:
— TV series on DVD and VOD top the list of nontraditional ways to watch TV programs. Twenty-seven percent of consumers have watched TV series on DVD, and 23% have watched via VOD.
— When given a choice of whether to keep the Internet and drop TV or vice versa; four in 10 would choose to keep the Internet and eliminate TV.
— Consumers are split on whether they prefer to access VOD programming with commercials or pay a fee.
— Only 19% of those online have ever listened online to their most listened to AM/FM radio station.
— Eleven percent of Americans have listened to an audio podcast.
— More than four in ten people who purchase MP3s from an online store do not listen to that audio most often on a portable digital music player.
The full PDF for download is here