Ruggedized handheld: the GMS P630 Spartan


P630There’s actually nothing "spartan" about the GMS P630, a new handheld computer specifically for the military, and perhaps millionaires that like to act out James Bond movies. For only $3,400, you too can be 007 or General Patton by using the preliminary device that sports:

– Up to 1.2GHz+ Intel Pentium®-M processor with up to – 2MB of L2 Cache
– Ultra small footprint 6.5”x3.0”X0.5” not including Battery and Display
– Up to 2GB of 266MHz DDR SDRAM
– 64MB of RAM
– OpenGL® and Direct-X® support
– 802.11g Wireless Ethernet
– Touch-screen and LCD panel with backlight support
– 60 GB HDD and CompactFlash
– Line in/out Audio for Voice recognition
– Support for conduction or convection cooling

Of course, as you’re playing real-life "Call of Duty", you’ll need to know where you are, which is why an integrated GPS radio is available as well. Of interesting note: the product page indicates that the power requirements are as low as only 8W. Oh and no mention if you military types can play Sudoku on it.

(via UMPC News)



Anton P. Nym

Never mind Sudoku… can the Spartan play Halo?


— Steve

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