Office Mobile is a dropped like a bad call on the Q


Q_2All four of my eyes spied the Office Mobile pics in the Motorola Q flash video yesterday, which is why I wondered if Verizon was stuffing in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Lo and behold, it looks like Motorola and Verizon got their signals crossed because the Office Mobile was voted out quicker than Elliott Yamin; you’ll find no trace of it on the video now. Just when we were thinking Verizon was adding more than the minimum instead of taking away standard functionality too. What a shame.



Kevin C. Tofel

Frank, I know. That’s why I wondered why they had Office Mobile in the video specs for the Q. They must have read my post from yesterday because the video is changed and doesn’t show Office Mobile.

Rick Mahn

That is a shame, good thing there are some viable alternatives available to replace and augment the default functionality.

Too bad that a new phone owner has to shell out to get the functionality that should have been in the box to begin with.

Will Windows Mobile make further inroads in the mobile market: Yes, will Microsoft critics loose ammunition: No! :)


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