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New York Times summarizes wireless data choices

WirelesscardIf you already consider yourself a technical road-warrior, chances are that you already have some type of 3G data plan; either that or you hop from Starbucks to Starbucks for WiFi-flavored lattes. The New York Times, fresh off their realization that two monitors increases productivity, took it upon themselves to educate those that don’t know all of their wireless data options.

The article was very accurate in the plans and equipment from the major carriers and even provides some real-world speed comparison info, so if you’re still shopping for that data plan, I recommend the read. If you’ve got a plan, just put your Stormtrooper hat on and…."Move along…there’s nothing to see here. These aren’t the wireless cards you’re looking for." (Then let me know if that old Jedi mind-blog trick worked so I can stop waving my hands around to people that can’t see me).

(via Digg through a tip from Dave)