Apple’s Big Apple


apple store on fifth avenue, new york



It’s a glass cube, you morons.

Inspiring? How so? Like St. Peter’s? The Eiffel Tower? It’s tripe. Deposable, jerk-off ostentation presentation.

“Dude, let’s make a glass cube and light an apple silhouette in there.”

The guy is good. Great. Better than great at marketing. Genius?? Save that for the Leonardos.

Now, go mow some lawns, sheep. HB

Randhir Reddy

Its truly a awesome design. The staricase he co-designed is simply out of the world. Check out the pix on the Business Week. Steve leaves an indelible mark whtever he does…hats off to him.
He truly might make it to the list of all time Geniuses ever lived.


wow that thing is wild,
i went to the apple site to check it out, the quicktime on their homepage crashes my firefox, tried IE, crashed as well,

who puts quicktime on their front page anyway?


I knew it was only a matter of time before Jobs did Windows! :-)

And speaking of windows, how often do they have to clean the thing?


hopefully the new apple store is just as impressive. maybe all tables, chairs and shelves are made out of glass too?


truly remarkable, i really love this design that steve has done and it is an inspiring piece of architecture, every if it is small in comparison to other major works of art. really really beautiful :)

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