Upfronts: Univision’s Online Rights Dispute With Televisa Hurts Prospects


Univision, the biggest Spanish-language media group in the U.S, had its upfronts presentation to advertisers yesterday. Its TV royalities dispute with Mexican programming partner Televisa has also spilled into online, on the rights to air shows on the Internet in U.S. “We are going to work with Televisa to figure out how to make it work,” Univision President Ray Rodriguez said. “It’s not a front burner issue.”
The potential obstacle to new media outlets comes at a sensitive time for the company, which put itself up for sale in February and is expected to receive bids in the coming weeks. The sale is expected to fetch more than $12 billion. Televisa is Univision’s primary supplier of programming with a U.S. broadcast deal through 2017.

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