TechTarget Acquires; IPO In a Year

TechTarget, the IT trade media firm, has bought out LA-based software comparision/information site The site focuses on providing feature-comparison information and access to trial software for small- and medium-sized businesses seeking trial versions business software.
VentureWire: TechTarget wouldn’t provide financial details of the transaction but a source close to the deal said that TechTarget paid in the “eight-figure” range..The next opportunity for TechTarget to raise money would be on the open market, TechTaregt CEO Greg Strakosch said, predicting that the company would likely file an IPO “within the next year.” The company continues to be profitable, confirmed Strakosch, with estimated revenue of approximately $80 million in 2006. Strakosch estimated TechTarget’s revenue would approach $100 million in 2007.
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