Right Click

A few years back when I came back into The Fold, I was immediately aware of the lack of usable ‘right click’ on Macs. Sure, CTRL + Click does the job and brings up the contextual menu when needed, but I’m spoiled and want an actual right click solution. I quickly found SideTrack from Raging Menace, and it’s the cat’s meow – I continue to use it on my less than a year old PowerBook.

If you’re not familiar with SideTrack, here’s a quick rundown:
– allows you to assign hotkeys to the corners of your trackpad
– allows vertical and horizontal scrolling
– allows tapping the trackpad to function as a CTRL + Click. Bingo!

I personally prefer the tap action for a right click. It fulfills my need and it’s super quick and easy to access. (It drives everyone NUTS when they use my PowerBook, and keep brushing the trackpad and getting contextual menus all over, but not my problem…) So yeah, I dig it.

Now with the release of the MacBook, it appears Apple is making their own option available. Keep 2 fingers on the trackpad when you click, and BAM! Right click contextual menu at your service. (I have not yet tried this myself.) It’s different enough from my current way of working that I wonder how easily I’d be able to convert myself. But the idea is good, and it doesn’t require 2 hands, as the CTRL + Click method does.

So our right click options continue to grow. I appreciate that Apple is making an effort to build it in. But for now, SideTrack is doing me just fine. How do you right click? What’s your preferred software/method for accessing the contextual menus on your system?


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