Netfront 3.3 trial now available


ACCESS of Japan has released version 3.3 of Netfront, historically one of the best web browsers for the Windows Mobile Pocket PC.  The major change to this new version is the support for Windows Mobile 5 devices, although it is not clear from the Netfront web page if it supports Phone Edition devices.  There is a trial version available that provides a 45 day trial but note the following functional limitations:

  • The software is available to customers for 45 days from the installation date.
  • The Multi-window function allows you to open only two windows at the same time. 
  • You are not allowed to edit a user agent.
  • The Auto Cruise function supports only a single layer of links.
  • Only up to ten registered bookmarks are displayed.
  • The edition does not support JV-Lite2.
  • The edition does not support the Macromedia Flash plug-in.
  • The software’s work can be unstable if you turn on or off the power of the Pocket PC while the NetFront is working, in case the software is installed on an external storage.
  • *The Scroll mode does not work within a plug-in screen.
  • You have to exit from NetFront v3.3 to enable the Auto Cruise to start up at specified time.

These are pretty heavy restrictions for a time-limited trial version so I think I am going to pass for now.


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