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Napster’s Mobile Music Efforts

Napster, which announced its earnings yesterday, gave some more details in the earnings conference call (transcript from SeekingAlpha), about its mobile strategy.
CEO Chris Gorog: “You know, we’re really genuinely excited about the wireless opportunity. There’s no question that some of the bigger carriers and some of the bigger regions are making some efforts to do this themselves, obviously. But there are many, many more carriers in the world with, quite literally, addressable market in the hundreds of millions, that have absolutely no interest in trying to do this themselves. And they’re looking for not only integrated technology solutions from ourselves and Ericsson, but also branded solutions so they can go into their markets and say here’s Napster Mobile. This is a cool upsell for them. So I think that — I think the fact that I think you’ll see many, many — again, in the hundreds of millions in terms of the addressable market — in the second and third tier mobile carriers reaching out to third parties; and secondarily, I think you’ll find some of the big boys discovering how complex this is. And I think we’re already seeing some evidence that some of the larger carriers have waived off an effort to do this themselves. So, I think all of that together encourages us that this is a very real opportunity.”