Motorola Q flash video; Verizon adding Office Mobile?



One of the forum members over at Mobile Gadget News spotted the new Motorola Q introduction site over at Verizon and I just snuck a peek. Not that we haven’t seen the Q from every possible angle, but the video really emphasizes this aesthetics of this this slim smartphone. You can get the full official specs of the device from the intro video, so if you had any doubts about what’s inside, you can V-cast them away. It’s interesting to note that the vid indicates Office Mobile will be on the Q; Word, Excel and PowerPoint Mobile are typically not part of the standard WM 5.0 Smartphone edition, so it looks like Verizon plans to add it in. Don’t get too excited; if history repeats itself, they’ll pull out or disable some other key functionality. ;) The real question is: will the expected Sprint version include Office Mobile too???



“Large Vibrant 2.4″ Color Screen”

I don’t know, that statement just makes me chuckle. Only a marketing nerd would call a 2.4″ “screen” large. Brings to mind the “iPod Flea” parody.

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