CNET video review of the MacBook

Tandy_trs80Here’s a short and sweet video review that CNET published yesterday on the new MacBook. As a Mac-less household, I spent the two minutes reviewing their take and all-in-all came away impressed that you get so much for so little. The typical nice design doesn’t hurt either. This likely isn’t news for current Apple owners, but the built-in iSight camera is much smaller than I anticipated; it looks to be about 3 mm square, but it’s hard to tell from the video. And is it just me or didn’t we all learn that magnets and computers don’t get along? The magnetic "latch" and power-cord just have me spooked for a data loss. Last note: didn’t we see this kind of terrible keyboard on the old TRS-80 MC-10 as shown here? ;) BTW: I wrote this post on IE7 in Vista build 5381; you can tell, right?

- kct


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