Attack of the You Tube Clones


AOL just announced Uncut Video, their own version of online video sharing ala You Tube. (Read Mashable’s take on it.) Niall Kennedy says that Yahoo is working on something similar as well, and said so in its analyst day meeting with the financial analysts. Niall says that “The new video site includes videos from around the web and a few from Yahoo! users as well.”

With Google Video and MySpace Video already up and running, I wonder what are the exits for companies like You Tube and other such services? Will someone buy YouTube for its traffic? What are your thoughts on this?



The YouTube videos website clone is hilariuos. Just a few movies, video clips etc… anyone can make one nowadays! YouTube almost encourages it!


I think youtube needs a competitor that will allow uploads longer than 10 minutes.
Bye-bye virus ridden downloading, hello user traffic for the competitor.
Personally, im not that impressed by youtube

william convey

from what i have read on this topic…
i dont see what all the fuss is about

so..reroll ads…big deal, i agree, we just ignore them…they aint pops which is great

also, dont you have to pay for the
directors account? on youtube, to post clips
longer than 10mins! if so, then theres money
being made there, and it would seem, in theroy easy to monitar the director accounts then the free accounts

videop egg and youtube are the only two that work on bebo…so techically they woudl be advertisting youtube…so maybe they have a deal with them…for now..? meh

youtube is by far the best to get your
backyard wrestling out to people, your short
movies..from home and or from school/college.

look at youtubes famous user…Brookers, she landed a deal with mtv’s carson daly (i dont know how his names spelled)…it shows that
the stars view youtube,that film/tv/movie producers and the such like use youtube to
look for future talent.

thats what i think,thanks for reading.


Youtube, Google and Yahoo Video? There’s a lot more: Browse more than 40 video sharing sites on . MetaTube is a simple meta search engine for user-generated video content.

Surfin Around

So what’s the big deal with pre-roll Ads? If it will keep the site functioning as is and we all are conditioned to ignore most internet advertising anyway then why not LET EM ROLL? It’s a whole lot better than paying anything a month or per download.


you tube is the 18th most popular website on the planet. You think that it doesn’t have value? Its worth several hundred million just based on its traffic reach alone…damn you people are dumb.

The name's Anus

I’d pay $10 a month to be able to browse YouTube.

If, of course, everybody stayed on there (thus having to pay that too)

I think a hell of a lot of people would pay something a month.

Preroll ads would do my f**king head in, but they ain’t going to cause a mass exodus to Google. Unfortunately.


you tube can offer all the latest Korean dramas..for free!! For those who enjoy watching foreign or asian cinema/drama it’s all good!

Geoff is similar to YouTube but supports audio and flash anims as well as video. It’s popular with bloggers.


well i think when it comes to multimedia websites you tube is at the top of the list
dunno …
what d’you think?

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