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AMD: Dude We Got Dell

Hey if Intel can reside inside of a Mac, then an AMD 64 chip inside a Dell server is not that preposterous. Looks like, AMD finally broke through the last remaining barrier in its competition with Intel. Dell, however, is still resisting using AMD chips in its desktops and laptops. Only a matter of time. (Update: Got rid of the chart for now – will update it in the morning, but right now in the after hours trading, looks like AMD is up about 12.5% and Intel is down 4.5%.) Also, from the archives: My Business 2.0 story on why AMD rocks in Server space, but trails in laptops.

9 Responses to “AMD: Dude We Got Dell”

  1. i think this is going to be the first of the many little experiments with AMD for dell. I think their Alienware line of laptops is going to be the next one to adopt AMD chips. Not sure if others agree with me on that.

  2. While this is important what remains to be seen is how Dell executes on this promise. It will be interesting to try and stack up similarly configured servers on Dell’s site and see if there is any major price bias between the two or if Dell is just going to push boxes out the door at whatever price market demands and component prices dictate.