Vodafone UK customers get AKU2

VodafoneThose lucky Vodafone customers across the pond get a chance to upgrade their Windows Mobile 5 devices to AKU2, while I still wait for Verizon to do the same here. Owners of the v1640, Qtek 9100 and the v1240 can hit up the Vodafone site here to pull down their ROM upgrade.

AKU2, which is short of Adoption Kit Update, provides the latest Microsoft Messaging and Security Feature Pack which adds Direct Push e-mail. Without AKU2 and the required service pack (SP2) on an Exchange server, devices basically have to pull their Outlook data as opposed to having it automatically pushed to them. Congrats to the Vodafone customers; let me know how it works for you while I wait for my AKU2 update. Thanks for the tip, Phil!

- kct


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