Pioneer AVIC-S1: GPS for your car, Bluetooth for you

Gps2Several sites were talking about Pioneer’s AVIC-S1 last month including this French one, but the photos and user manual (note: PDF link) just popped up on the FCC site today. This QVGA touchscreen GPS unit fits in your car and provides all of the standard directional features we know and love. Data updates can be handled through the SD slot and you can store favorite destinations of course. The hands-free Bluetooth feature really adds some extra capability to the device, however.

Gps1 There’s a small microphone on the front of the AVIC-S1, so once your pair it with your Bluetooth capable cell-phone, you can place hands-free calls. The integrated mic picks up your side of the conversation and you’ll hear the other side via your car speakers. The device also supports the OPP (Object Push Profile), so the contacts on your phone will show in the contacts of the AVIC’s touchscreen. No official word on price or availability just yet.

As an extra funny, you can tell that the user manual on the FCC site is still in draft form based on the commentary edits embedded in the doc like this one:


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