Norway gets seamless cellular / WiFi calling


Qtek9100_1 Like they don’t already have great spas and beautiful fjords, now Norway gets mobile calling on the cheap too. Customers of Hello, AS get to really roam as their calls will seamlessly route from cellular coverage to WiFi VoIP calls. Even better yet: "We have least-cost routing," said Matthias Peter, chief operating officer for Hello. Intelligent software will determine if your call will actually cost you less, depending on your location and the availability of either a cellular network or a WiFi network.

Customers will need a Windows Mobile 5 Qtek phone for the service, but since Qtek already has AKU2 available through Vodafone, I don’t really see this as a setback. Hey Verizon, can you hear me now???



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Is there a third party software that will allow a WM5 Pocket PC Phone Edition to do the same thing here in the States? I’ve got a Qtek 9100 and would love to find a way to “roam” between a WiFi hotspot and a cell site.


Hehe, you said fjords.

I just learned something new (and non-technical).

I love it.

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