Mobile Tech News two years ago: Optical Camoflage


OcwiredYup, back on May 17, 2004 we saw something every mobile maverick needs: a way to blend in with surroundings to become virtually invisible. I suppose this could come in handy if you wanted to lift your best bud’s new handheld or Tablet PC without getting caught. Either way, the Optical Camouflage project site is still alive and kickin’ and it’s well worth a look at the very last video of this happy camper dancing in front of a flat panel TV. The premise of the technology is to project an image onto a person so that the individual appears to blend in with their surroundings.

So when will we see a practical application of Optical Camouflage? Well, I reckon if the product works as advertised, we’ll actually never see it, now will we?


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