Google Maps Mobile overview


GoogleMapsMobileBB_smallGreg Hughes has published a nice overview of Google Maps Mobile running on his Blackberry 8700c.  He is very happy with it especially since it is free.  The program can be installed over the air and supports a lot of devices besides the Blackberry.  According to Greg here’s what you can do with Google Maps Mobile:

  • Search for nearby businesses catalogued in Google Local (via the "Find Business" menu option)
  • Specify a location to show on the maps (it remembers locations you enter, too)
  • Get driving directions to or from any location (just click the location and choose from the menu)
  • View locations either in map or satellite view, and toggle between views
  • Zoom in and out, and pan left/right, up/down

It looks to be a very handy service, too bad it’s not available for my Treo 700w. 



Mark Horgan

Pretty cool application. Works on my HTC Blue Angel. It’s a Java MIDlet, so if you can get hold of a MIDlet manager you might be able to get it to work on your phone/PDA. Quite usable over GPRS, though if you are paying by the MB it might get expensive. Seems to have the same coverage as Google Maps i.e. US and Europe but for some reason “Find Business” doesn’t bring up any results in the UK – can find 2 pizza places in Paris but none in London.

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