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From Syndicate: Rocketboom May Charge; Edelman Wake-Up Call

Updated with new info from Rocketboom: No, we can’t make it to every conference so we’ve been following just-concluded Syndicate online. Josh Hallett did a great job with audio but has been asked by IDG to take it down. No word about whether IDG is going to fill the gap. Some of the coverage:
On the Avenue: During her keynote, Amanda Congdon said video newscast Rocketboom is considering charging $4 a month for access premium content, although nothing’s official. [Note: Congdon clarifies in our comments area: “… We are considering charging $4/month for premium content: outtakes, a bi-monthly podcast, a full screen DVD quality version of the show, forums, etc. The show, in its current form, will always be free.”] Also a good rundown of a session about how syndication is changing publishing, advertising, marketing.
Richard Edelman: The PR exec went to the conference, saw a sparse turnout from the ad/PR community and blogged a wake-up call: “This is the future of our business, folks, and we have to remake our work flow and our work force to accommodate the change. We are not going to learn by talking among ourselves at the 4As or PRSA–we have to engage bloggers on their home turf.”
— David Weinberger has a transcript of Edelman’s keynote. and a blow-by-blof of the Jeff Jarvis un-keynote.
— Jarvis covers Doc Searls’ keynote.
— One thread showing up in a few places: the idea that it’s all about aggregation now, not syndication. It’s not either/all, folks.