Eric Mack is finally YABHTU


Eric_mackIt took him a year, but Eric Mack is yet another blissfully happy tablet user. For those of you contemplating a move to the Tablet PC platform, don’t just take our word for its positive effects on your productivity and overall personal computing experience. Go and check all of the many Tablet PC posts and 8-week challenges that Eric put himself and his Toshiba Tecra M4 though over the past 12 months. Considering that Eric is an eProductivity specialist, his opinion should carry some weight when he says things like:

"As a management student, I believe that every student, young or old, needs a Tablet PC."
"I plan to recommend Tablet PCs to all of my clients for their future purchases. It no longer makes sense not to."

Congratulations Eric, and welcome to the official YABHTU team! Now where can I get one of those custom 24-inch widescreen tablets? ;)

– kct

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