Yahoo, Google and Jobs

UBS Research analyst Benjamin Schachter has spent time analyzing the job postings for Google and Yahoo and has come-up with interesting analysis.

Google has 1,800 open positions, or 27% of its current headcount (vs. 800, or 23% last year); and nearly 51% are for overseas operations. The focus is still on R&D with int’l 45% of int’l openings are in engineering, ops and R&D.

Yahoo’s hiring growth is flat to down 800 positions vs. 935 last year (8% of headcount vs. 12%) and 29% of postings are int’l vs. 15% last year (postings in 15 countries total). Oh yeah, they are looking to hire people who know a thing or two about Web 2.0, communities and user-gen content.

Notable specific job postings for each company:
Jobs related to mobile, TV, ad agencies, legal, emerging market “scouts”, video content, Web 2.0, womens media, India, search relevancy and monetization, devices, among others.


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